Custom Frames & Stands For Mosaics, Fused Glass

Updated April 8, 2023

For the Laxsons’ – Vintners, Salem, Oregon, this very large wood-framed window will have a glass-on-glass mosaic created by Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic, Deer Island Manor, Oregon. It will retro-fit into an existing window jamb at the winery. The motif will be inspired by a painting of Mt. Daniel in Washington State by Hope Wahl. Watch this space for updates as work begins.

Custom 48″ X 60″ Teak Frame

For size comparison, observe the pipe and how the frame is larger than the outdoor table! The teak is true 1″ X 4″ clear grain with a 1″ recess mortise and tenon joint.
Mortise & Tenon

Modern stands for fused glass sheets or mosaics

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