Shea Whelchel

Kaleidoscopic Solarium

“My new reading room!”


Winter can seem rather bleak during those long rainy months from October through February, so even if one can get outdoors, the weather is usually gray, cold and eager to soak you head to toe. But, what if you could go into a nice dry place splashed with color and texture? That is what Shea, a school teacher, will be doing. She can relax with a good book or grade homework.,, there will be plenty of light.

  • Visit my Substack presence for more detail on this project:

Everything is first built at my studio, then after engraving into each component its number, location and orientation, the entire place is dismantled and loaded into my pickup including tools, ladders, extra materials and more… then hauled to location to be offloaded, sorted and reassembled on the spot – all in a typical afternoon.

Due to a couple minor snags, it took until evening to complete, and I did have to run back a week later for some minor details, but in general, things went as planned.

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