Leeann Greehouse

10/22/2019 – Phase II (The Roof)

Starting off with some large grids (and searching for more) we behold, the roof is now in the process of being built! On the rear are two 13″ cantilever struts, two more 18″ ones will go up front…


10/13/2019 –¬†Rolling Them Trusses

Got the trusses up and cased the teak-framed, leaded-glass vintage windows. Things are taking shape!


10/12/2019 –¬†Two leaded-glass windows that I framed with teak.

Getting the walls weathered in before the roof goes on.

leeann oct 08

09/10/2019 – Work in progress
This one, a 10 X12 in Vancouver, Washington, has a brick foundation with all glass surroundings when completed. Stay tuned!

leeann phase 1