Dave’s WAVs

Music I Write

When the Muse strikes, I absolutely must play or write music. Without an outlet, life becomes drab, I become callous and things just don’t seem quite right with the world. There is a free app called Nano Studio allowing anyone to generate, compose and mix audio. Everything posted below was created using only a laptop – that’s it. I did grab a few WAV files off the internet and repurposed them for these songs, but it was all generated from the samples within the app, the ones I downloaded and waveforms I created from its built-in synthesizer. It is not easy to use, the learning curve is brutal, but since I don’t have the funds for those sweet keyboards, this helps me get those thoughts in my head to your ears. To read more about what I do on Mix-Cloud, the platform hosting these songs, see my posts here.

Below are songs I created using Nano Studio and a laptop, and below these are “mixes,” a sample from my collection of other peoples music blended together in a seamless theme.


A Nano Studio project created using a 2013 Dell laptop. No samples used other than a basic drum for rhythm, the other sounds are baked into the app and manipulated using the built-in virtual synth. Grinding tedium for sure. All comments welcome.