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Music I Write

When the Muse strikes, I absolutely must play or write music. Without an outlet, life becomes drab, I become callous and things just don’t seem quite right with the world. There is a free app called Nano Studio allowing anyone to generate, compose and mix audio. Everything posted below was created using only a laptop – that’s it. I did grab a few WAV files off the internet and repurposed them for these songs, but it was all generated from the samples within the app, the ones I downloaded and waveforms I created from its built-in synthesizer. It is not easy to use, the learning curve is brutal, but since I don’t have the funds for those sweet keyboards, this helps me get those thoughts in my head to your ears. To read more about what I do on Mix-Cloud, the platform hosting these songs, see my posts here.

Below are songs I created using Nano Studio and a laptop, and below these are “mixes,” a sample from my collection of other peoples music blended together in a seamless theme.


Starlight Lullaby

Get transported to dreamland and beyond.

Less Is More – More Or Less

Based on the Nano Studio Symphony series, an attempt to simplify and make it easier on the processor to keep up, which it barely does. Less as far as chord, rhythm and pitch changes and more as to detail – listen to the many layers of sequencing and phase shifted string and vocal tracks. Apologies in advance for any distortion heard in the song, alas, there are just so many things being executed that the tune routinely crashes the program.

Cover art by me sometime in the 00’s.

Timescape II (Remix)

I removed distortions, added context and instruments for a much better tune. Extended the ending quite a bit with a theme. This is a cheerful tune and one in which I strove for perfection, as best I can with the setup I have. To those first-time visitors, I’m using the free app Nano Studio and a few stolen WAV samples from the web. Its an arduous job, but somebody has to do it.

If you enjoy this laptop created whimsical piece, give me a shout and lets talk about it, what could be better or what you like.

Early 1990’s artwork messing around on an even older piece of gear. Yep, how DID we survive!

A Nano Studio Production

Tao Bossa Western Dissonance

Yes, another cringe inducing wild attempt at music, created on my trusty-crusty 2013 Dell laptop using Nano Studio. This odd combination doesn’t fit any category, it is just music that sounds good to me as I find my outlet for creativity here. Comments always welcome.


Dedicated to all stargazers everywhere.


I spent the entire month of February in an insomniac-riddled obsession to write this paean to sunny days.

Global Railways

Travelers Anthem

City Lights

A Nano Studio project created using a 2013 Dell laptop. No samples used other than a basic drum for rhythm, the other sounds are baked into the app and manipulated using the built-in virtual synth. Grinding tedium for sure. All comments welcome.


Everything below this point are compilations, or “mixtapes” of music I like and posted up on Mix-Cloud.