wood glass grid mosaic2

I love to create with wood and glass. Wood has a beauty, feel and warmth all by itself yet it changes with the surroundings and the way it has been worked. Glass, especially colored or “stained” glass, with its various tones, hues and patterns, developes complex characteristics when exposed to varying degrees of light. It is up to the individual working with these materials, as well as the observer, to bring out the optimal features and inherent beauty of these wonderful gifts from our Earth. The enhancement of these natural objects is something an artist can find and highlight.

I have partnered with my Wife Kathie as she has emerged as a prolific mosaic artist, and Kory Dollar of Marvelous Mosaic, a gifted and long-time mosaic artist who teaches and inspires. She has a unique view of the world and her art shows it. Visit her and see.

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