Rep. Sharon Wylie Greenhouse


After nearly three months of work that often went from sun-up to O-Dark thirty, the greenhouse/sun-room is installed at its new home in Vancouver Washington! The reconstruction took Kathie and I three days to set up and complete, but the project is – well – spectacular in our opinion! It is hard to get a decent picture with my lame flip-phone and the small area where it is nestled into, but hopefully better images will be forthcoming. PHEW! This has been the most labor intensive project I ever built.

09/22/2018 YIPPEE! The Roof Has Been Configured!

The puzzle of putting together finite pieces over a finite surface can be agonizing, but the challenge is its own reward once it is realized.

09/12/2018: The Big Picture

Layout finally established, except for the roof. Footprint is 8′ X 8’3″ X 10’+. There are six operable doors and will open from opposite ends. Ventilation will certainly not be a problem. The one etched glass sidelight was salvaged from an old door I installed in July, the original glass had been broken. This was what survived – I love cherubs!

Sharon dropped off this stained glass panel that is to be incorporated into the structure, but in order to make this happen, the panel itself would collapse under its own weight as there is no ribbing or stiffeners of any kind. To solve that problem, I took two identical panes of glass and ‘sandwiched’ the stained glass in between them and made a window frame. It does not show up well in these pictures, but I will show more when the time comes.

For the other side of the greenhouse, I used another identical pane of glass and made a GOG (glass on glass) mosaic of very old colored glass and framed it in as well. Each piece has a groove on the bottom and tab on the sides to lock into the adjoining windows.

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Washington State Representative Sharon Wylie has posted these pictures on her Facebook page. This is the beginnings of what will be a truly inspired piece! She hit the rebuilding center repeatedly and brought me some of the windows you see scattered around the place.

We met at the Recycled Arts Festival in Vancouver where I had my last project on display. Ted, her husband, noticed it first and had to let her know about the display. Sharon and Ted have more energy and drive than ten people!

Stay tuned for regular updates as this one will be quite special!

Here’s the link to her post:

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