Mosaic Frames

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HUGE mosaic frame – 34″ X 34″ for Nancy Shue. A mere 2″ wide frame using true 1″ clear vertical grain fir with mortise and tenon joints. This is elegant!

shue frame 34x34.JPG

To those new to this site, you may not know that much of what I do in the studio is making substrate frames, basically wood that surrounds a glass panel which will be covered with stained glass, among other things, glued to its surface. This is called GOG (glass on glass) mosaic and the frame holds the mosaic, either hanging or on a stand.

Below are some examples of styles, many are new and will expand as more are created. Most of these designs are copyrighted and dang hard to make besides!

Below: Frames made of mahogany, poplar and pine. Jeanne Hall asked me to make another frame for an existing mosaic plus for three new substrates to be made into mosaic art.

jeanne frames

Below: Cat in Walnut Frame by Jeannie Hall. Jeannie actually did it backwards, she made the mosaic first and found she couldn’t find anyone to make a frame – and not charge an obscene amount, so it sat for two years. She WAS going to give it away as a gift, until she found me. She gave me full artistic license and after I sat and contemplated the lovely work for a while whilst comparing different type wood, I put some contrasting walnut next to it and, well… she decided to keep it for herself. She is a happy girl!

cat mosaic in walnut.jpeg

Below: I make a lot of frames for Kory dollar at and we are always coming up with innovations. She  travels around the country teaching others her specific art form, but this requires light-weight items to pack. The below frames are made from somebody’s discarded Ikea something-or-other that was just lying in the dirt. I upcycled the wood into these super-sturdy 1/2″- thick pine frames that are perfect for the class and her travels. Love you Kory!

thin frames

Below: This mosaic was just made by Phyllis Sidel and occupies a modern frame made for classes by Kory Dollar. This was created at the Lavender Farm mosaic class in early April. These frames are becoming popular. Write Kory Dollar or me for one of your own, many types of wood available.

phyllis diamond frame mosaic

If you have an idea for a frame or are a mosaic artist (or want to be) please write us, we would love to have you on board for these beautiful and fun projects. You haven’t seen art being this fun until you’ve been to a mosaic class by Kory.