Alice Phalan’s Healing Studio

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Like something out of a storybook, this is a place that has a small rivulet running beneath it, a nearby pond and surrounded by lots of garden. Built in my shop, dismantled and then assembled in this private space in Salem, is a one-of-a-kind glass enclosure for meditation and getting in tune with nature.



Set up at the Recycled Arts Festival at Esther Short Park, Vancouver, Washington. It was a great weekend! Received orders for two or three more!



Getting things ready to paint! Several windows needed extensive repair and re-glazing, still more to go. Two weeks before the Recycled Arts Festival – and I’m sweating!!!



Work In Progress!

Resume construction, had to take apart and rebuild to a different configuration. Now it is an 8′ X 10′ with 7′ high walls! Removing loose paint and glazing as it is being assembled.




Not really, but work was momentarily halted as I had a medical issue crop up that kept me indoors and seeking the services of my doctor. Added to this fun, a huge low pressure area swept through with winds that blew apart what I had started, breaking and shattering  components – YIKES! I am better now, just knocking the rust off my tools and efforting to gain strength into some atrophied muscles. All is well and moving along as before. Many thanks to Alice and Paul for their patience.



Thanks to a friend of my friend, Kory Dollar, owner of Marvelous Mosaic, some nice rough-hew 2″ X 6″ X 12′ cedar came my way! This will serve as the base and for structural components. The 8′ X 5′ window is something I picked up a couple years ago just hoping for a project such as this.

wood and window


A new commission for Alice and Peter in Salem, Oregon. Sitting in a rock garden and shaded part of the day by lush vegetation, this will be an inspirational space for any project one can imagine. The sketch is a concept for a 7′ X 8′ art studio and greenhouse using the materials at hand. All of this starts with the small pile of old windows Alice has been collecting since last summer, as well as much more from my cache of old classics that I have been collecting for years. Stay updated and watch as this project grows into something special.


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