Fairy Tree


And now from the ‘something completely different department…’

Mary Wells, in rural Columbia County, had to take down a large problem tree. The person removing the tree left 10 feet of trunk and cut the five rectangular holes into the trunk upon her request. She had a vision to make it a Fairy Tree! Thankfully we had a chance meeting and she asked if I would be willing to make a door and four windows for the holes – I said “Absolutely!”. Below are the results.


Each opening was off kilter, out of square and had to be fitted into a round trunk. Each opening was surrounded with pine and barn wood and all the birch-wood windows and the door had to be fitted carefully to conform to the odd sizes. Every window and door has stained glass that will be back-lit with solar-powered tiny lights. The mirrors are there to reflect light – and doubles as an illusion of a ‘hole in the wood’. The challenges were there, and I loved them! Soon this tree will house elves, gnomes, tiny furniture and more. All of this to inspire the imagination of her 6 year-old niece (and Mary too!).

Mary is a life-long teacher who loves to tell stories and has a vivid imaginary skill of her own with many arts and crafts. This is the kind of project I really enjoy.

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