Terri Misley Custom Frames

Featuring Oak, Teak Walnut and Live Edge Accents

A heapin’ helpin’ pile of frames!

“Live Edge” walnut
14″ X 14″ glass wrapped with oak to create a 16″ X 16″ frame.
Simple oak quarter round.

If you like these frames, I’m always willing to entertain any ideas you may have about frames, windows and more. Check out the other links to find projects of all kinds. As a rule, I am very busy with work stacked up all around me, so it helps to get your orders in early as you can. Large orders can lower the cost of each frame if they are all the same, such as the 16″ X 16″ ones shown above. I have a very wide selection of hardwoods, as of this writing, I have oak, teak, white ash, maple, mahogany, some walnut and lots and lots of sweetgum (liquid amber) a difficult to work with yet beautiful softwood that grows in the southern climates.

Detail of live edge.
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Quarter Round with walnut and teak frame
Nice Commission


Terri is a highly accomplished mosaic artist with that burning passion to create. She approached me with the idea of converting several old oak planks and one walnut board into frames. They had been stored in her father’s barn for many, many years, despite that they were in pretty good condition. She even brought her own glass. What is wonderful is that she gave me artistic license on the 8 quarter-round glass panes.

Solid Teak upcycled from abandoned cabinet
There are two side to the walnut, smooth and rough sawn. Shown here is the rough sawn.
Shown here is the smooth side.