I Build Greenhouses

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Not just greenhouses, but art studios, spa surrounds, sun rooms and meditation spaces. These are made from old wood-framed windows, reclaimed cedar decking and most anything I can upcycle for little to no cost. Another feature is that they are portable, meaning they can be taken apart and assembled much like Lego blocks, as all the pieces link together in a tongue and groove method cut into each piece. This gives the structure incredible strength without the use of extra wood framing. Various examples below, all can be viewed on the links to your left.

Greenhouse for Raised Beds


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This was custom built for Trish in Scappoose Oregon for over the many raised flower beds in her yard. Because of the portability of these glass enclosures, she is able to relocate over any bed she needs. There are five custom-made windows, including the triangular ones for open venting through the gables. And like all the rest, this one is made of recycled lumber from old decking and wood-framed windows – even the glass of the ‘new’ windows are made of recycled glass.